Love Echoed Back

Are you struggling? Has life become unbearably complicated? Is it unfairly twisted? Don’t lose hope. There is someone who knows how to make things right. God is waiting for the opportunity to revolutionize your way of life.

If you cry out, He will answer.

Love Echoed Back was written with you in mind. Our heavenly Father, working through Jesus Christ, wants to take the fear, pain, and disappointment away. In exchange, He will replace them with love, mercy, and grace. Life changes when we surrender to His way. Allow God to fill you with His love and prepare to be amazed.

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  • Many times when faced with a defining moment in life, a person has the choice to either be defeated or to look for the deeper aspects of the silver lining. Elaine has chosen the latter. She has delved into the heart of Jesus while experiencing true heartache. She has taken the opportunity to grow and see the best aspects of our Lord, even in the hardest of situations. Jesus tells us in Scripture that if we love and obey Him, we will know the very heart of God. Elaine’s story allows God to reveal how much He loves her (and us) and how He has shown His heart to her. This is a wonderful journey that Elaine has allowed us to walk with her. Blessings!

    Paula C.
  • I enjoyed the kindle edition of this book so much I read it twice. It is a fairly quick read filled with scripture and pearls of wisdom gained during an unfounded attack on the author’s character and professionalism. Elaine shares how God used the stripping away of worldly security to refine her values and strengthen her faith walk as she had no choice but to rely on Him day by day. Ultimately, like biblical Job, God more than restored everything lost. Readers are reminded that as we go through life’s challenges, trusting in God alone, he is faithful and will indeed work all things together for our good.

    Anita T.
  • Elaine Lankford has captured the essence of prayer in her book Love Echoed Back: I Cried Out; He Answered. Love Echoed Back is perceptive and definitive in its recognition of the asking of and praising of God. Ms. Lankford’s personal experiences are representative of issues that many people deal with, and the scriptures she uses are very depictive of how the Bible covers all matters through all time. I have already referenced Love Echoed Back on more than one occasion to calm down, seek a quiet place, and pray.

    Jeffery W.
  • Love Echoed Back is Elaine’s story of how God carried her through a time of tremendous adversity and pain, and how He taught her a new level of faith and intimacy with Him during that time. It is an excellent book, and helped me in my growth as a servant of Christ. Elaine writes in a humble, easy, and loving style that invites you into her very honest account of how God used adversity to work His Will in her life.

    Tricia D.
  • This book is illustrative of the pitfall many of us Christians fall into sometimes; the one of believing that we have to do it all alone. Elaine takes us through her own discovery of how “letting go and letting God” can be freeing, and nobody can handle it better than God himself. I felt her anguish and complete loss of control and then her exhilaration and happiness when she returns to her trust in her God. It is an easy concept, but one that is easily overlooked in trying times. It helps to be reminded of this now and then, and Elaine does that very succinctly.

    Glenn C.
  • I really enjoyed reading Love Echoed Back. I love the conversational approach and how the author allows the reader to walk side-by-side with her through her journey. I love how scripture permeates the book and is the cornerstone for every decision made and everything experienced. One of my favorite “quotable quotes” is the observation she made about how medicine has made such great strides in helping our bodies live longer, with little attention to the soul and spirit. I know the Lord is going to use this book to make a difference in the lives of others!

    Jane W.
  • Occasionally, I get my hands on a book that speaks to me…one that I feel like God had someone else pen, just for me. “Love Echoed Back” is one of those books. If you are a Christian woman who’s up on the mountain top, down in the valley, or somewhere in between, Elaine Lankford’s writing will hit home. This is a book that I will share with my friends who are going through trials, who need to know they are not alone in their suffering, and who need words of encouragement. Ms. Lankford’s writing is beautiful, honest and raw. I recommend this book to ANYONE who needs to know that God listens, He hears, and He will answer.

    Christy L.

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