Love Echoed Back

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Book SigningA large portion of Christians today come to faith, full of excitement and hope, but they then engage in a superficial Christian walk. As time passes, and hard times ensue, they are unable to process what they are going through, and as a result, many ultimately walk away from their faith. Love Echoed Back is a testament to the fact that if Christians will trust in the promises of God, seek a close relationship with Jesus, and do the work of deep self-reflection when difficult times hit, they will discover how to walk in God’s will, fulfill the true purpose for their lives, and find the peace and comfort they seek.

His actions are in response to our actions. Relationship with Christ is reciprocal. Love Echoed Back will take people through the Christian walk in high definition and back it up with the Bible itself –no tricks, no formulas, just truth. Find inspiration in this emotional account of how God took one life, filled with fear, pain, and disappointment, and transformed it through His love, mercy, and grace.



Chapter Outline:

Foreword by Jamey Stuart

Senior Pastor, Believer’s Church – Chesapeake, Virginia

Perhaps one of the greatest myths that permeates the minds of those who follow Jesus is “Christians are supposed to be happy and life is supposed to be easy.” When you say yes to Jesus, everything just goes better, the sun comes out, the gentle breeze is always at our backs, and the smiles on our faces are hard to wipe off. I’m not sure where this myth came from or why it is so widely accepted as truth, but I do know that many have concluded that Christianity doesn’t work when their lives take an unwelcomed turn.

The truth is, life is hard. It’s hard for those who follow Jesus, and it’s hard for those who don’t. For those who choose to go through life with Jesus, however, they can be sure that He will never leave them, even when times are tough.

As a pastor, I have watched countless people start following Jesus only to find that their problems did not go away automatically. I have seen the shell-shocked look on people’s faces as they have encountered unexpected tragedies and difficulties. I have lost count of the number of people who have decided that following Jesus simply isn’t worth it, and they have walked away from their faith and the church.

I’m excited to have this book, Love Echoed Back, to pass on to those who are struggling to follow Jesus when life is hard. It contains the story of Elaine Lankford, a member of my church, and one of those people who has chosen to follow Jesus through life even when it’s messy. Although her plans in life were carefully planned out and executed, when she found herself confronting problem after problem, including in her professional and family life, rather than give up, she clung to her faith more tightly than ever.

In this book, you will not only discover that you aren’t alone in your struggle, but Elaine has also captured valuable lessons learned and insights into faith and God’s character that will encourage you in your own journey. I’m excited to recommend this book to you. I hope in reading it you will make the decision to not give up on your faith when you enter the storms of life.