She Steps Forward Conference 2019


Transforming Love Ministries is excited to present the 1st annual She Steps Forward conference. We are making plans to host an event that celebrates every Christian woman who has felt the call of Jesus and is ready to step forward into her destiny.

Whether you are seeking a deeper understanding of the Bible and what role He has for you or whether you feel He has given you a direction to start in and you just need further guidance and support, we’ll have something for you! This conference will provide a time of worship and teaching that will refresh and fill the deep areas of your heart, empowering you to rise up and go forth. In addition, it will offer breakout sessions that speak directly to your area of calling so you can ask the tough questions and get the answers you need.

Empowering Everyday Women to Chase God-sized Dreams!

The conference is March 29-30, 2019

at HUB 757, 6801 Bridgeway Drive, Suffolk 23435

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This Year’s Line Up!


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Meet Elaine Lankford

Elaine Lankford, Christian Womens Speaker

Elaine is the founder of Transforming Love Ministries and the creator of the She Steps Forward conference. Her ministry is designed to empower everyday women to chase God-sized dreams. She believes every woman has a calling and every follower of Christ can become a leader in the faith. As an author, speaker, and leadership coach, Elaine is changing the way women’s ministry is done in Hampton Roads.

In addition to being a main session speaker, Elaine will also be leading a breakout session entitled: When God Chooses You to Lead.

Want to connect with Elaine pre- and post-conference? Join the TLM Sisterhood, a Facebook group created for women looking for a faith-based, online community. Would rather meet with others in person? Come on out to the TLM Community-wide Bible study, happening every other Tuesday at Baby Talk Café in Churchland, VA. Need someone to help you get your God-sized dream off the ground? As a John Maxwell Team certified speaker, trainer, teacher, and coach, Elaine is available for one-on-one and group coaching sessions to help you achieve the dream God has placed in your heart.

You can pick up a copy of Elaine’s book, Love Echoed Back: I Cried Out; He Answered at conference.

Fun facts: Elaine spent sixteen years in nursing working in the fields of oncology and pain management. She is a wife and mother. The family dog is a handsome beagle named Apollo. She a native Virginian who loves reading, girl time, and chocolate.

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Meet Keshia Brown

Keshia is a Doctoral Student at Regent University and a Board Certified Physician Assistant at Sentara Family Medicine Physicians & Urgent Care.  Affectionately known as “Dr. Kesh,” she is the founder and CEO of Keshia Brown, LLC as well as PurposeHER, a non-profit organization. Keshia is a firm believer in walking out your purpose in life, despite your external circumstances. Her brand strives to exalt every woman to live a fruitful and purpose driven life by going after everything God has for them. As a speaker, a natural encourager, and a purpose walker herself, she has a passion for serving others. She strives to serve her local community by being an exemplary role model and gives back to the area by educating and mentoring both women and youth. In addition, Keshia shares powerful stories of faith, medicine, and the presence of the Holy Spirit on her blog The Faith Behind the White Coat.

We are excited to welcome Keshia as one of our main session speakers!

Fun Facts: Keshia grew up in Portsmouth, VA. She is married with two children. She is the founder of the PurposeHER Women’s Conference, which comes with its own line of ladies wear!

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Meet Mitzi Neely

Mitzi Neely, Christian Womens Speaker

Mitzi, an accomplished speaker, writer, and blogger in her own right, will be leading one of our main sessions entitled: Girl, You Better Get Your Jesus On!

Mitzi has been blessed with a passion and love for people that stretches across the generations. Her heart’s desire as both a speaker and a writer is to lighten your load, while conveying the message that nobody’s perfect. In addition to speaking, Mitzi conveys messages of hope regularly on her blog Peacefully Imperfect. She recently self-published her first devotional book called A Thankful Heart: 30 Days to the Grateful Life, which will be available at the conference.

Fun facts: Mitzi is a wife, mother, and grandmother. She loves sweet tea and hails from the Lone Star State. Aside from her position as a central office administrator in an East Texas school district, she enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, and sewing.

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Meet Jodi Melissa Slaughter

Jodi is accomplished counselor, teacher, and speaker. She is blessed with the spiritual gift of prophecy. Having obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Services Counseling with a minor in Psychology and Women’s Studies as well as a Master of Arts Degree in  Counseling, she is currently pursuing a PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision from Old Dominion University. She believes the foundation of society is the core family unit and works diligently to help preserve this structure.

Jodi is the founder and CEO of Launch Out Coaching and Consulting. By helping other women to overcome life’s obstacles and conquer their deepest fears as they step toward their dreams, she is also able to help them gain clarity and find the motivation they need to become unstuck, unlock their full potential, and walk in their purpose. In addition, Jodi has established her own women’s ministry called Pieces Put Back Together, which focuses on helping women to find inner healing and deliverance, to seek their identity in Christ alone, and to cultivate their leadership skills.

Jodi will be joining us as a main session speaker, bringing us a message entitled Restoring Identity: Getting Back to His Heart on the Matter! 

Fun Facts: Jodi is originally from Pulaski, a small town in Southwestern Virginia, and is the second of three children. She loves shoes, cupcakes, and bacon! She enjoys them even more when she is with her favorite people.

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Meet Christine Tate

Having self-published several books, Christine will be answering your questions about writing and publishing in a breakout session entitled So, You Want to Write a Book? If you know you have a book inside you, this is your session!

Back in 2013, when a new Women’s Bible Study group formed at her church, Christine felt led by God to develop a study for it. She also felt it should be easy and fun! The final product was her first work titled The No-Homework Women’s Bible Study: Group Hug. Because it was so well received, Christine has created an entire series under the same name. You can check out The No-Homework Women’s Bible Study series online HERE.

Christine is so passionate about helping local authors, she founded the Christian Authors Festival, which she has hosted for the last four years. The 5th annual Christian Authors Festival will be held March 9, 2019 in Virginia Beach, VA.

Fun Facts: Christine, originally a Midwest native, grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. Currently residing in Virginia Beach, she is a military spouse and mom. She devotes a great deal of her time to homeschooling her daughter, writing Christian non-fiction, and serving her local church.

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Meet Tae Bell

Tae is a motivational speaker as well as a true mentor. As a results-driven professional, she is dedicated to helping women globally create the life they desire. Her high impact presentations help to educate and equip women from various backgrounds with the strategies necessary to excel in life and in business.

Tae is a great example of what it means to be a parallel-preneur (someone who holds down a regular job while pursuing entrepreneur aspirations). At her “day job” you will find her working in the nonprofit sector for an organization that empowers single mothers, and others, through education on financial literacy, self-sufficiency, and community resources. Her goal is to help her clients get and stay ahead in life. In addition, she has over seventeen years of experience as an entrepreneur. Tae speaks at leadership and business events, churches, and other non-profits every chance she gets.

Sharing from her experiences as a speaker, Tae will answer your questions on how to get started as a speaker in her breakout session, entitled Power, Perseverance, and a Plan!

Fun facts: Tae is a single mom of three and a native New Yorker who loves family time at the beach. She is dedicated to mentoring other single moms as well as serving her community.

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Meet Stacha Ashburn

Stacha Ashburn, Christian Womens Speaker

Are you a woman that loves lifting other women up and have considered starting a women’s group or a formal ministry? Then you’ll want to be a part of Stacha’s breakout session entitled Outside the Four Walls: A Fresh Look at Women’s Ministry.

Stacha completely embodies the concept of iron sharpens iron as spoken of in Proverbs 27:17. She is constantly working to build true community among women everywhere. As the leader of a regular monthly women’s group, Stacha opens up her home and her heart like nobody else. She truly has a unique light for people. Her natural gifting from God is that of an encourager. She challenges women to walk in the plans He has already predestined them for. As the founder of “I AM” Code Sisterhood, her favorite quote is “Everything minus Jesus equals nothing, while nothing plus Jesus equals everything!” – Tullian Tchividjian

Fun Facts:

Stacha is a wife, mother, sister, and friend to all who are in need.

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Meet Dana Bassett

Kimberly Frazier, Christian Womens Speaker

Dana is one of the most innovative educators in business today. She is a speaker, author, entrepreneur, professional network marketer as well as a certified professional skills and personal development coach. Her mission is to connect others and help them build strong and long-lasting relationships through the power of networking. She believes that “your network is your net worth.” Want to connect with Dana? Then don’t miss her breakout session entitled Release the Giant Within.

Dana is the founder of her own consultant company also named Release the Giant Within. When working with clients, her straight-from-the-heart passion and high-energy motivates them to step beyond their limitations and into their own greatness. Through her various experiences in the business world and then in building her own business, Dana wants you to know “Where there is a will, there is a way!”

You can check out her book, The Phena WoMAN: An Aspiring Entrepreneur’s Journey to Find Financial Success, HERE.

Fun Facts: Dana is a wife, mother of one, and grandmother of five! She loves eating out, especially when the food is cooked fresh. She enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with her grandkids. One of Dana’s favorite past times is to watch a really good movie. She enjoys comedy, action and suspense thrillers in that order!

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Meet Kimberly Frazier

Kimberly Frazier, Christian Womens Speaker

Kimberly is a certified business and lifestyle development life coach, corporate leader, and sough-after public speaker. Of all the things she gets to do, her passion is coaching women who have reached the empty-nesters stage of life. Certified by the American Association of Christian Counselors and the International Coach Federation, Kimberly is helping women everywhere to reevaluate their priorities and find new purpose without loosing themselves in the process. Want to hear a little more about Kimberly’s philosophy and way of coaching? Join her for her breakout session entitled Enjoying Life on Purpose.

Through her company, Enjoying Life Coaching Inc., Kimberly offers group coaching sessions that are 4-5 weeks in length. On any given Saturday, you may find her at Gather, a local coffee shop in Chesapeake, VA, holding Enjoying Life and Bunch sessions, specifically related to lifestyle development. In addition, you can catch Kimberly’s weekly podcast on Vercay Radio through iHeart Radio, iTunes, or Google Play.

Fun Facts: Kimberly is the mother of two sets of twins. She also has three fur babies named Milo, Leo, and Titus. She loves coloring, singing, and dancing. You might find her and her husband biking, roller skating, or bowling together. Her favorite food is pizza, her favorite movie is Pretty Woman, and her favorite color is yellow,

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