About Transforming Love Ministries™

Transforming Love Ministries™ is
a nondenominational, for-profit women’s ministry.

Our Purpose

TLM exists to serve Christian women by nurturing their spiritual transformation.

Our Mission

TLM provides opportunities for spiritual growth during peak times of transition in a woman’s spiritual walk in order to assist her to fully internalize her faith and demonstrate God’s transformative power.

Our Focus

TLM is committed to helping women of faith become leaders in the faith no matter their calling. We believe internalized faith plus God’s transformative power equals dramatic life change!

Do you have a growing love for Jesus and want to find a community of like-minded women to do life with?

Are there vital roles within the Church, whether volunteer or paid, that you would like to step into, but you feel untrained as a leader?

Is your heart’s desire to become a Christian writer or speaker and take your message to the world? Do you need someone to guide you along the path from novice to professional?

Would you like to develop a viable, sustainable women’s ministry in your church or community or take an existing one to the next level?

Our goal is to come alongside of you, listen to what you feel Jesus is calling you to do, evaluate your current abilities, and assist you in building an individualized action plan that can move you forward! Our philosophy allows you to sort through your thoughts and dreams and develop reachable goals, while being guided step by step through the process. We want to take the guess work out of what to do next and provide a safe place to bounce ideas around while building your self-esteem.

We also want to help develop your leadership abilities. By strengthening the leadership abilities of women who desire to serve Jesus in substantial ways, we can assist them (and you) to accomplish their goals more efficiently.

By using our products and attending our workshops and/or conferences, you will be able to formalize your purpose in life faster than going it alone. We will also provide accountability and feedback to help propel you forward at a pace you can control.

Introducing the SHE STEPS FORWARD™ action plan:

The SHE STEPS FORWARD™ action plan is a transformative guide that can:

  • Help you gauge what you can handle.
  • Provide simple steps that can lead to massive gains over times.
  • Help you avoid the comparison trap.
  • Assist you in tracking progress, which increases motivation and decrease frustration.

Best of all the SHE STEPS FORWARD™ action plan is all about Jesus and you! Just as He has an individual plan for each of us, the journey we take to achieve that plan is also unique. By designing your own individualized action plan, our process lowers the pressure of trying to be someone you are not and allows you to simply be you!

Jesus has placed a burden upon Transforming Love Ministries to nurture three specific types of women. Are you one of them?

Meet Rhonda

When we met Rhonda, she was working through several issues. She was struggling with both self-image and relationship issues that left her unable to trust people on a deep level, constantly battling her emotions, and well, just feeling inadequate. She wanted to be a confident, bold woman of Christ, whose life reflected that her self-worth is rooted in Christ’s love. Can you relate?

  TLM provides a strong Biblical foundation through various resources, such as the TLM Community-wide Bible Study, to assist Christian women in building their self-confidence as a Christ follower and motivate them to dive deeper into their faith. TLM resources revolve around the areas of life that obstructs growth as a Christian and grounds women in the truth of Christ’s transforming love so they can overcome these strongholds and teach others to do the same.


Meet Jennifer

Jennifer came to us excited about her faith, but still young in the faith. She’s the first to admit, she doesn’t know everything about scripture, but she loves Jesus and is grateful for what He has done in her life. Jennifer really wants to write and speak so she can share what Jesus has done for her in hopes that it helps someone else who is struggling. By pouring into other women, she believes it will strengthen their faith. She needs some guidance and discipline as well as some leadership and business training. Therefore, she was seeking a mentor to help her build her writing and speaking career. Do you have the writing/speaking bug?

 TLM provides a structured, hands-on training and mentorship program for future writers and speakers in the nonfiction Christian genre, transforming them into the next generation of communicators for Christ.

Meet Dolly

Dolly has been a women’s ministry leader for the last couple of years, but feels the actual ministry has become a repetitive cycle of speakers and activities that has only birthed superficial change in the lives of the women who participate. Though she is in a part-time position now, after years of volunteering, she has no formal leadership or business training. She has some influence, but no real leverage to make the changes she sees as necessary to grow the ministry in a different direction. Although she has stayed largely within her own denomination for guidance, she is curious what others are doing and has a strong desire to take women’s ministry at her church to the next level. Her dream is to be able to build a self-sustaining women’s ministry in her local church that grows women as leaders within the congregation. Do you have the itch?

TLM is working to train, develop, and certify women’s ministry leaders, assisting them to develop their women’s ministries into self-sustaining, viable programs.



Do you see yourself among these women
or know someone who is?

Then you are in the right place at the right time! Let’s get started today!

“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11

Take advantage of the resources we have available:

  • Elaine’s first book, Love Echoed Back: I Cried Out; He Answered comes with its own eight-week study guide. Learn how to overcome some of life’s most trying circumstances while building an iron-clad faith that can take you through future storms.
  • Unraveling the Devil’s Twist on Our Emotions, is a FREE eBook designed to show you what the Bible says about our five most distressing emotions.
  • If you live in the Hampton Roads area, join us for the TLM Community-wide Bible Study, occurring every other Tuesday night in Churchland at Baby Talk Cafe. Here you will find a sisterhood of Christian women who you can share your highs and lows with while diving deeper into God’s Word. Women played a huge role in the birth and spread of the Gospels. Come enjoy an environment dedicated to growing you not only as a woman of faith, but as a leader in the faith!
  • And while you are at it, join us online. The TLM Sisterhood is a closed Facebook group that provides a safe environment to grow and share with others from the comfort of your own home!

Coming Soon!

  • Free eBook – Proverbs: A Five-Day Devotional, Receiving God’s Wisdom
  • Free eBook – The Fruits of the Spirit