Speaking Engagements

Elaine loves to spread this message of hope: “If you cry out to Jesus, He will answer!” But hearing from Jesus is sometimes difficult because we don’t always recognize the many ways He speaks to us. Elaine shares not only her journey through some really rocky terrain, but how she heard from Christ and the lessons she learned in seeking a closer walk with Him. It is her great honor to come along side women everywhere helping them to rise up despite their circumstances and become all Jesus has called them to be.

Internalized Faith plus the Transformative Power of Jesus
equals Dramatic Life Change!

Elaine has had the pleasure of speaking at several area churches, such as Suffolk Christian Church, Liberty Spring Christian Church, Trinity United Methodist Church, Bethlehem Christian Church, and for the Joy Group at Southside Baptist Church, as well as hosting a one-day women’s event at Believers Church entitled He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not.

She has also taught God’s Word during her travels to Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua to members of the Verbo Church and orphanage-associated staff workers as well as led morning devotionals with the teenage girls living at the church-sponsored orphanage.

What Are Others Saying?

We all enjoyed meeting you and hearing your presentation on Saturday.  I heard so many positive remarks from the ladies.  You certainly shared your heart with the interesting situations that transpired in your life and the faith that grew from that.  You blessed, inspired, and encouraged us.  Thank you so very much for your time with us at Waverly Baptist Church.  Thank you also for the study guide.  I will save it for future use when we start our next Bible study.  -Beverly M., Waverly Baptist Church
It was our pleasure to have you at our circle meeting last month.  The members enjoyed the way you shared your experiences in such an open and honest manner.  You answered their questions easily and encouraged participation.  You were a pleasure to meet and share time with. -Lois P., Trinity United Methodist Church
Just a quick thank you is not enough for opening your hearts and sharing your stories with us.  I attended the women’s conference Saturday and just wanted to let you know that you touched lives and it was amazing.  Even my scripture verse that I picked up at the end was just what God needed me to hear.  You brought hope to many! -Kathy H., He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not conference attendee, Believers Church
Thank you to all for all the hard work and love that went into the women’s conference. I know many ladies were blessed and came away knowing Jesus truly loves them right where they are.  Too many people think they need to get clean before they come to Jesus. So thankful to belong to a church who loves people, will come alongside them and show them Jesus. Thank you! -Pam D., He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not conference attendee, Believers Church
I was invited to attend your event by a good friend and I’d just like to thank you both so much for having the courage to impact others with your stories. It meant a lot to me and the time spent in prayer and sweet communion with my friends was like a fresh cup of water for my thirsty spirit. It was evident that a lot of time, love, and forethought went into planning this event. -Donna H., He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not conference attendee, Believers Church

Thinking of having Elaine come speak at your small group, women’s ministry, or church. Grab her MEDIA KIT here and share it with event planners!

Upcoming speaking engagements are posted to her event calendar. Check back often for upcoming events, and join her for the journey!

Book Signings

“One of my greatest joys is meeting you and hearing your stories! Let’s walk this road together!” Sincerely, Elaine

Come join Elaine at one of her book signing events. Not only will you get your own autographed copy of Love Echoed Back, but you’ll get to meet her one on one. Elaine has had the pleasure of participating in local farmers’ markets, various craft events as well as church-sponsored events across the area. She has even partnered with local Chick-fil-a restaurants.

Upcoming book signing events are also posted to her event calendar. Check back often for upcoming events!




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