Let God Unearth the Diamond in You!

Let’s admit it girls, we like bright and shiny things! Especially little diamond-embedded trinkets because they make us smile –a lot! And I don’t think we are alone in how we feel about them. I believe God is a fan of jewels too!

I mean if you read through the Bible, you will sense God’s take on bright and shiny things:

  1. David speaking of the building of the Lord’s temple: “Now with all my ability I have provided for the house of my God the gold for the things of gold, and the silver for the things of silver, and the bronze for the things of bronze, the iron for the things of iron, and wood for the things of wood, onyx stones and inlaid stones, stones of antimony and stones of various colors, and all kinds of precious stones and alabaster in abundance.” 1 Chron. 29:2 NIV
  2. John speaking of the appearance of Jesus in Heaven: And the one who sat there had the appearance of jasper and ruby. A rainbow that shone like an emerald encircled the throne. Rev. 4:3 NIV
  3. John speaking of the appearance of God’ kingdom: The foundations of the city walls were decorated with every kind of precious stone. The first foundation was jasper, the second sapphire, the third agate, the fourth emerald, the fifth onyx, the sixth ruby, the seventh chrysolite, the eighth beryl, the ninth topaz, the tenth turquoise, the eleventh jacinth, and the twelfth amethyst. Rev. 21:19-20 NIV

See what I mean! For God, however, these precious stones resemble something to be admired, not in the worldly ‘I got bling’ kind of way, but as reflections of transparency, flawlessness, and purity.

And for the children of God, those who are Christ followers, He sees us as just that – flawless and pure. Yet long before we ever feel like we are someone to be admired, if we ever do, we feel more like a diamond in the rough. But God sees us differently and has already spotted the thing within us that He is working to bring out –a pure, flawless, shimmering diamond.

Zechariah gives this picture of God’s people:

The Lord their God will save his people on that day as a shepherd saves his flock. They will sparkle in his land like jewels in a crown. Zech. 9:16 NIV

To think, one day we will be ‘like jewels in a crown.’ That’s pretty awesome!

But how are diamonds made? Contrary to your old science book, diamonds do NOT come from the breakdown of coal. Diamonds form in the deepest depths of the earth’s mantle. You see, the earth is divided into three layers, and the mantle is the middle layer. It is considered more than two thousand miles thick! It makes up over 80% of the earth’s volume. Think on that for a moment, and compare it to the depths of our souls. How far down do we bury our emotions? Some days, it feels about two thousand miles deep, doesn’t it?

But back to diamond development. In simplest terms, diamonds form inside this layering under high pressure and even higher temperatures. Sounds uncomfortable right? In comparison, God uses this same method to bring those things He has set inside of us to the surface. He uses terminology like trials (pressure) and refinement (high temperature) when speaking of how He transforms us.

Paul speaks about the process like this:

2 Corinthians 4_8-9

Yep, the process isn’t easy, but its results are magnificent!

I don’t think I have ever run into a Christian whose life has been transformed that hasn’t undergone the process a few times. And once you have been transformed a time or two, you understand that on this side of life it will continue. Sometimes our trials will be short and our refinement light, and other times we will feel like we are never going to see the end of the process. But God’s timing in these things are perfect. Our job is to believe in Him, and what He is doing, even when it doesn’t make sense to us.

For in the gospel the righteousness of God is revealed, both springing from faith and leading to faith [disclosed in a way that awakens more faith]. As it is written and forever remains written, “The just and upright shall live by faith.” Rom. 1:17 AMP

For today, don’t look in the mirror and see only the surface of your body looking back at you, but go to your jewelry box and pick out your best piece of jewelry. As you gaze upon it, know that what God is doing on the inside of you will make your presence among others glisten. And in that day when we stand before Him, we will sparkle like a perfect diamond!

So tell me, what is your favorite piece of jewelry, and why?

Amplified Bible (AMP). Copyright © 2015 by The Lockman Foundation, La Habra, CA 90631. All rights reserved.

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