TLM Community-wide Bible Study



TLM Community-wide Bible Study

Transforming Love Ministries™ is excited to welcome you to a community-wide Bible study. We invite all ladies from the Hampton Roads area to join us as we gather as the Church to study God’s Word and learn from each other. INVITE your family and friends!!!

There are currently TWO offerings of the TLM Community-wide Bible study group!
One group occurs every other Tuesday in a local area home in Chesapeake at 7pm, but the meeting can also be viewed via Facebook Live.
The other group occurs every third Saturday at 10am in a local area home in Portsmouth.
Email us at for more details and meeting locations.

Don’t worry if you’ve missed a session! You can jump in at any point or sit in with us one night so you can check out the group! Ready to be a part of a community-wide Christian sisterhood!? Come join us!!!

Please note – there is no formal child care provided on Tuesdays; however, childcare is available during the Saturday morning group.

Interested in seeing the TLM Community-wide Bible study come to your city? If your church or organization would be interested in hosting the group, please email Elaine at We hope to start a branch of the group in each city of Hampton Roads in 2018!!!

PLEASE NOTE: We encourage participants to support the mission of their local church and to fully engage in local church activities. Our hope is that by attending the TLM Community-wide Bible Study, you will go back to your local church more enriched and better prepared to serve wherever God has called you.

Upcoming meetings are listed on Elaine’s event calendar.




TLM Sisterhood Facebook Group

You can be a BIG part of the TLM ministry by simply participating in this FB group and providing your insights! This will assist us in helping women all over Hampton Roads who want a reliable sisterhood to lean on! 

Group Rules:
1. Starting in 2018, we are opening up the FB group to women everywhere!! There is a large focus on women who live in the seven cities of Hampton Roads as well as those that live in either Isle of Wight or Southampton County. However, EVERYONE is welcome to join us for the journey. YOU can invite your friends and family no matter where they live! All requests to join, however, must be approved by a group admin to prevent spam accounts from gaining access to the group.

2. Group surveys or posts requesting specific feedback will be posted from time to time to help refine the focus of TLM to the specific needs in our area. Please participate in all surveys and group posts as able – we want to hear from you!

3. We definitely want to be a community, so feel free to post prayer requests and to respond to those prayer requests. However, in this type of group setting, please be respectful of others by keeping prayer requests succint and by not going into too much detail. Anyone who abuses this avenue or becomes “too detailed” in their requests will be cautioned the first time and removed from the group the next time.

4. Feel free to share information related to a specific women’s event happening in your church when it benefits the group as a whole and the community at large is invited.

5. This group is NOT for business networking of any type! Any posts deemed to be soliciting other members of the group for business purposes will be deleted immediately.

6. Any concerns about the group or someone’s misconduct in the group can be sent to the following email:

We want to build a thriving, supportive community that is centered on Christ! We hope you are up for it! We look forward to serving you!

You can join the TLM Sisterhood here!